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Our mission is to be innovative in our approaches, to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients, and to be an invaluable resource to providing the best solutions with the best professional practices in consulting services.

Clark Resources is a multi-state certified and verified MBE small diverse business.

Clark Resources Believes In

Clark Resources Mission:
To be innovative in our approaches, to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients, and to be an invaluable resource to providing the best professional practices in consulting services.

Clark Resources Believes
In building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our team, communities and clients. We are committed to sharing our successes with the people who help make it possible. We believe in communicating with our clients, understanding their needs, and thinking, enabling and supporting them in delivering the best solution.

Clark Resources Values :
It’s people that enable others to realize their full potential. We value integrity and honesty. We value passion for our client’s organization and team. We are willing to assist on big or small challenges and see them through. We value accountability for commitments, results and quality to our clients.
A Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) is an American term which is defined as a business which is at least 51% owned, operate and controlled on a daily basis by one or more American citizen of an ethnic minority status. In this case Clark Resources is a 100% Minority Owned Business Enterprise.

MBE's can be self-identified but are typically certified by a city, state or federal agency. Being a minority owned business (often referred to as a minority business enterprise, MBE, disadvantaged business enterprise, DBE, small disadvantaged business, SDB) does present some advantages in competing for contracts from government agencies or large corporations. Usually these advantages come in the form of goals established for minority owned business participation, either as a prime contractor or subcontractor. Many corporations, as well as, federal and state governments, have set goals to procure some portion of their goods and services from minority- and women-owned businesses.

Our Team

  • Todd Gilcrist
    Todd Gilcrist

  • Kyla Harvey
    Kyla Harvey
    Director of Administration

  • Cheris Reed
    Cheris Reed
    Call Center Director

  • Whitney Rodriguez
    Whitney Rodriguez
    Call Center Director

  • Vicki Roemer
    Vicki Roemer
    Call Center Director

  • Mariah Rodriguez
    Mariah Rodriguez
    Sr. Manager

  • Ricardo Davis
    Ricardo Davis
    Senior Manager
    Security & Facilities

  • Michael Segina
    Michael Segina
    Senior Manager
    Information Technology

  • Harmony Schindler
    Harmony Schindler
    Personal Assistant
    Mr. Clark

Call Center

Clark Resources currently provides major companies professional inbound and outbound telephone services.

Clark Resources operates a fully functional, 24-hour a day Call Center/ Customer Support Center. The call center/Customer support center performs the following functions:

  • Servicing a toll-free 800 number during after hours, weekends, and holidays

  • Scheduling of appointments

  • Arranging transportation needs

  • Surveying

  • Member/Provider services for major health care agencies

  • Generating appointments/leads for sales teams

  • Outreach to businesses' and/or household's to update information

  • Ability to train and implement scopes of work

  • Tracking and reporting of mandatory information required by clients

  • Data entry into multiple systems, meeting HIPPA standards

Our professional staff, quality training procedures, ability to expand and up to date technology allows Clark Resources to meet all of your call center/customer support needs.

Diversity & Business Development
Clark Resources believes in success through diversity. Exceptional performance is driven by exceptional people and we reach goals by having all people and ideas working together in joint motion.
Clark Resources can provide:
We deliver solid results.

  • Implement and manage the M/W/DBE Supplier Diversity/Inclusion Plan

  • M/W/DBE database infrastructure development

  • M/W/DBE data collection, statistical analysis and monthly reporting

  • M/W/DBE contract compliance monitoring

  • Conduct on-site project compliance reviews (field inspections)

  • Conduct contractor desk audits

  • Contractor Good Faith Efforts analysis

  • M/W/DBE program eligibility analysis (M/W/DBE certification/verification and assistance.)

    We deliver solid results.

    • Prime contractor and subcontractor dispute/complaint resolution

    • M/W/DBE outreach and communication

    • Providing contractor technical assistance

    • Develop and maintain certified M/W/DBE database

    • Conduct M/W/DBE capacity analysis as needed.

    • Provide on-going M/W/DBE technical assistance to construction managers

    • Validate M/W/DBE payments (actual vs. commitment)

    • Participate in pre-bid, bid-openings, contruction conferences and other related meeting and activities

      Clark Resources helps build & manage partner relationships
      Today's business development process is increasingly complex and competitive. Marketing and business development professionals continually take on increasing workloads and broader responsibilities. Clark Resources helps build and manage partner relationships
      Clark Resources offers clients the following business development services:

      • Solutions that comprehensively support unique marketing, business development and client service’s needs.

      • Superior development process that is completed timely and thoroughly. We make sure we are as responsive as possible to our clients’ needs throughout the course of the development process.

      • The identification and development of potential business partners.

      • Ability to recognize problems and find solutions to meet client business development goals from construction management to real estate.

      • Help to identify and foster long-term value to grow your organization.

      • Help to identify, target and conduct outreach to customers in specific and/or untapped markets.

      • Help to build and manage partner relationships.

      Marketing Services

      • Develop E-Newsletters.

      • Develop and manage social media outreach.

      • Identify, produce, staff and organize various types of events.

      • Provide logistical management and implementation of Feet-on-the Street/grassroots campaigns.

      • Develop content, staff and execute: canvassing, polling, and surveying by using door to door and/or
        call center tactics.

      • Develop Radio, TV and Print advertisements

      • Develop and implement marketing strategies

      • Analyze and develop outreach performance measurements

      • Facilitate the placement of large scale print advertisement:
        billboard, bus shelter and subway signage

      • Conduct research & strategic planning

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